Community Wall


In Summer 2015, as we reached the end of production for the film, we realized we were nearly out of money. Full stop. We'd run up credit card bills, begged and borrowed from friends and families, and asked for more in-kind donations of equipment, time and expertise than we ever thought possible. If we were ever going to finish the film we needed money.

So we turned to crowdfunding, and we're shocked and humbled by the generosity of those who opened their wallets and gave to let us finish the film. 

We always knew we had an important story to tell, and a duty to share Attawapiskat's story. But to these donations made it a reality. With over $20,000 raised, we were able to finish the film and we have so many people to thank for that.  

Below are the names of our patrons and donors, for whom we are forever grateful. 

Financial Support From

Alan and Suzanne Pick
Andrea Battista
Anne Koizumi
Bob and Lynne Lean
David Plant
Dave Ritchie
Don Lange
Donna Chatten
Douglas Barrett
Evelyn Little
Frances Pick
Gary A Miller
Idette de Boer
Jackie Lean
Kim L Miller

Jason and Fiona Dion
Jeff McCarrol
Ken Rawes
Laurence and Anita Pick
Matt Harper
Molly Willows
Nate Lyman
Nikita and Alexandra Gourski
Paula and Laura Pick
Peter F. E. Lyman
Philip Oliva
Sasha Cunningham
Sheelagh and Pat Hysenaj
Valda Levin

Additional thanks

Aaron Donny Clark
Adrien Maurel
Akaash Mukherjee
Alex Hughes
Alex Molotkow
Alison MacMillan
Allya Davidson
Alyson Rawes
Amanda Caswell
Amar Wala
Andrea Battista
Andrew Mckay
Andrew Moir
Anna Baggio
Anna Nicolaou
Anne Koizumi
Barry Greenwalk
Ben Paylor
Brandon MacLoed
Brooks Hunter
Bryan Sutherland
Caitlin Walsh Miller
Cam Woykin
Carter Jarvis
Charlie Patrick  
Chris Hetherill
Christos Gigantes
Claudia Sicondolfo
Cliff Caines
Cornelis Bakker
Daniel Gelfer
Daniel Murtha
David Groves
David Plant
Dean Goodman
Doug Hart
Dustin Chodorowicz
Emma Mae Egan
Eva Treumuth
Evan Munday
Evan Newton
Garry Beitel
Geoff Bland
Geoffrey Moris
Georgia Webber
Gillian Kilpatrick
Gina Dineen
Gonzalo Riva

Goodwin Communications
Guillaume Morissette
Judith Amirpour
Gwen Westell
Hayden Simpson
Hayley Dineen
Jara A Masso
Jason Dion
Jerry Brown
Jessie B. Lyon
Jith Paul
John Kruithof
Jonna Pederson
Julianne Ess
Julie Whelan
Karam Masri
Katharine Knibbs
Kathryn P Dorman
Katie Higgins
Kristian Roberts
Kuowei Lee
Kyle McInnes
Larissa Diakiw
Laura Glowacki
Laura Sartor
Laura White
Laurence Richard Nobert
Lee Marshall
Lindsay Kantor
Lion Summerbell
Lisa Kits
Liz Eaton
Lora Castellani
Louise Angela
Lukas Berhmark
Luke Adams
Luke McCutcheon
Manfred Becker
Marc St. Louis
Margaret Porter
Marie Pier Gagnon
Marnie Smith
Maya Papineau-Koritar
Meg Southee
Micah Garten
Michael Teixiera


Michael Truscello
Michele Talon
Mick Adoo
Morley R. Faber
Nadia Tavazzani
Nancy Byer
Nate Lyman
Noah Bingham
Pat Dorman
Patrick Monroe
Paul Audette
Paula Pick
Peggy Blair
Peter Blanchard
Peter D Verheyen
Peter F. E. Lyman
Peter Willis
Peter Willis
Rebecca Berg
Rebecca Horowitz
Rebecca Lazar
Roderick Mackay
Ryan Warren Smith
Sadira Rodrigues
Salah Hassanpour
Sam van Berkel
Sarah Canzer
Sarah Sproule
Sarah-Joyce Battersby
Sasha Chapin
Scott Leeming
Sean Bennett
Shelagh Rogers
Stephen Murphy
Sue Johnson
Taylor Battista
Terry Regan
Thomas Parker
Tim Kelly
Tom Pettitt
Trevor Meier
Tricia Leduc
Valda Levin
Vaughan Rawes
Walker Chambliss