After The Last River might be the most important and moving doc this year.
— Thom Ernst, Film Critic

In the shadow of a de Beers diamond mine, the remote community of Attawapiskat lurches from crisis to crisis, as their homeland transforms into a modern frontier. 


In the shadow of a De Beers mine, the remote community of Attawapiskat lurches from crisis to crisis, while facing mounting environmental issues and an inability to directly benefit from resource revenues. Filmed over five years, After the Last River is a point of view  documentary that follows Attawapiskat’s journey from obscurity and into the international spotlight during the protests of Idle No More. 

After the Last River is a complex examination of a community under pressure. Poverty, neglect, and isolation combine to force the remote reserve of Attawapiskat into accepting a De Beers diamond mine on it's traditional territory. As the mine removes billions of dollars worth of diamonds, the promised jobs barely materialize and the community is threatened by potentially devastating contamination. 

Filmmaker, Vicki Lean, follows the remote reserve's five-year journey into the international spotlight. Through interviews with executives and government, and day-in-the-life footage of the community, Lean weaves a tapestry of the issues effecting indigenous rights today. 

After the Last River connects personal stories from the First Nation to industry agendas and government policies, painting a complex portrait of a territory that is an imperilled homeland to some and a profitable new frontier for others.


  • Nominated for a Canadian Screen Award Best Social Issue Documentary 2016
  • Playing at remote reserves across Ontario, including Attawapiskat, Moose Factory and Peawanuk. 
  • Winning the Nigel Moore Youth Award at DOXA . 
  • Winning Best Canadian Feature at Planet in Focus.
  • We reached our INDIEGOGO goal! With over 100 individual donations, we raised over $20,000. 
  • After the Last River honoured by POV - on the cover of the young filmmakers issue.