After the Last River has produced dialogues and provoked questions in campuses and schools across the country, from small research groups to large lecture halls, high-schools to Harvard. 

What people are saying: 

Victoria Lean’s documentary goes beyond the risks and foreshadows the dangers and hazards brought upon the self-regulated and self-monitored industry of extraction in Canada—the vestige of chronic, colonial, institutional domination that still remains in place in the 21st century….a must-see for all university students involved in matters of land—politically, historically, and ecologically.” - Prof. Pierre Belanger, Graduate School of Design, Harvard

"The past couple of weeks we had been discussing a lot of the topics that appear in the film (the Indian Act, the Harper years, Idle No More, treaty conflicts, et cetera), but seeing what these issues actually look like in terms of how people live and the political conflicts at play really stirred up some emotions in the students." Sasha Gora, Department of American Studies at the University of Munich

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